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Hi There!

In order to support and help our community to grow even more, you can donate some cash to Crown Ragnarok.

Your donation meant a lot for us. The cash which are funded to us will be allocated for Marketing Campaign, Server Fees, and Managing Fees.

This donation is 100% voluntary, which means it is not a must, let alone forced.

Hi There!

Hi There!

All rare loots equipment given from Box of Immeasureable Might are costumes.
Other Items you might get:
1. Alternate Version of All 6 Crowns
2. Love Dad Wings
3. Adventurer's Backpack

To donate, you could transfer your money into our bank account / paypal as the following:

			BCA	: 8680779911, namely Oliver Chiam
			Paypal	: [email protected] 

Donation Amount (Minimum is Rp $5):
If you are donating with dollars, the current exchange rate is USD $1 = 13.500 Cash Points

After donating, please send your recipe along with your ID to our email : [email protected]
Your donation will be processed with maximum time of 1 day (24 Hours)

Hi There!

Crown Ragnarok Admin