02 Garp D 3350 1431
03 S k y 2445 2007
04 Widya Astut... 2305 313
05 Baifern 2284 695
06 Trojans 2150 1240

Server Information

Renewal Mid Rate Server

Gepard Full Version Protected

Rates : 500/700/Customized (Party Increases Exp) Open Beta : 12th May 2017 Maintown : Victorian Prontera Max Lv : 175/60 [3rd Job, Sura, RK, Glt X, Warlock, Sorcerer] Alt Costume : Genetic, GX, Royal Guard, Ranger, Arch Bishop, and Mechanic Doram : (Summoner Class) Fully Working and Complete Equipment
Max Stats : 130 Max Aspd : 193 Dex No Cast : Renewal Variable & Fixed Casting MVPs : Temporarily Disabled Godly & BG : Disabled Raid Boss Event : 1 Server Vs 1 Raid Boss Custom : Costume Headgear Only (With no Effect) Donation : Official Headgears Rewards : Newbies and New Guilds are welcome! Join our family and experience a different Ragnarok!

Additional Features

Exclusive Visualized Garments Find yourself an unusual visualized garment find in no other servers! Example : Valkyrie Manteau, Ferlocks Manteau, White Wing Manteau, and many more! Exclusive Costume Headgears Crown Ragnarok bought their own personalized costume headgears, you will only find these headgears only in Crown Ragnarok. Example : Grace Crown, Pride Crown, Black Archaic Veil, and many more! Raid Boss Event Indulge yourself in an Epic Battle againts World Bosses! Obtain valuable rewards with your friends.
Crown Ragnarok Rules, Click Here