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Rules and Regulations

Understanding the Rules

CrownRO is an international server, we aim to give the whole community an awesome Ragnarok experience. And because of this, we strive to create an atmosphere of enjoyable game-play experience for everyone. The server is designed to keep a free of aggression environment, either towards players or staff members. It also seeks to maintain competitiveness in MVP, WoE and BG. Our objective is to punish any actions that undermine the development and sportsmanship of any player's CrownRO experience.

Golden Rules

It is important to maintain a respectful treatment both to the players and to their items, because we sanction in cases of theft or fraud, in and out of the game. Therefore, we established the following regulations, in which we define different forms of conduct that incur an offense and that should be avoided.
  • Follow the rules.

  • Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

  • The server is not responsible for any items or account losses.

  • Do not give your account information to anyone. Not even to GMs.

  • Be nice, remember this is just a game. There's no need to start a stageact or even dramas.

  • GM is there to help you, therefore be nice to them. Yelling or behaving like an idiot would not help.

  • Be nice to GM, and they will surely be nice to you.

Player Behavior

Possible Punishments: Jail, Mute, Temporary Ban, Permanent Ban, Guild Disband
  1. Insulting, cursing, bullying and any kind of harassment is prohibited; must not insult or harass other players or staff members (this includes sarcastic jokes), #whether or not addressed to anyone in particular.

  2. Do not use offensive names (as in characters, guild names, guild or tags).

  3. Do not disturb other players or staff members (using skills or other method, including verbal or through constant unwanted attention, ie, harassment).

  4. Do not discriminate another players or a player's personal beliefs/opinions. (This includes racist or xenophobic insults).

Skill Abuse

Possible Punishments: Jail, Mute
  1. Do not use skills to harm (sabotage) other players gameplay in any way.

  2. Do not use skills for helping (supporting) the mob.

  3. Do not spam skills in towns in any way it can be considered as an annoying attitude for another player. This can cause lag to some players. Therefore it is prohibited. (Example: Ice Wall)

PvM; Mob Engagement

Possible Punishments: Jail, Mute
  1. It is not allowed to throw mob to other players (leading or baiting mob into someone else) on purpose or not. If you are in a dangerous situation, try to avoid mobbing and protect nearby players.

  2. It is not allowed to block paths or areas of a map that can obstruct other players.

  3. It is not allowed to take control over a map or an area in a map for any reason.

  4. Killing mob (whether common or MVP) in areas near a warp preventing the free passage of other players to the map or in a way that could cause damage to third parties is prohibited.

  5. Either AFK farming or leveling is not permitted for all classes. Alchemists and Creators in particular are not to AFK hunt with their homunculus.

  6. GMs will not get involved with issues of Kill Stealing.

MvP; Free for All

Possible Punishments: Jail, Mute
  1. It is prohibited to assist the MVP (or their slaves) in any way (healing him, protecting or using skills for the benefit of it). All efforts in the fight for the MVP should be focused on killing him.

  2. It is forbidden to fly (teleport away) any MVP in a deliberately way.

  3. It is prohibited any kind of annoyance , damage or undermine the work of a party that is killing the MVP. Any player who arrives with only the intent to sabotage the efforts to kill and harm MVP players will be punished (either throwing mob at a party or flying the MVP). You can compete to defeat MVP, and focus their efforts on damage, but not to harm others players gameplay)


Possible Punishments: Disconnection, Jail, Mute
  1. It is forbidden to stay AFK in BG as well as harm or not contribute to the party of which one is part.

  2. Leaving intentionally a Battlegrounds active game is subject to punishment (to report should be screenshots taken showing repeats of that attitude).

  3. Fixing Battlegrounds game outcomes with the intention of medal farming is subject to punishment.

Devil Square

Possible Punishments: Disconnection, Jail, Mute
  1. Being AFK, idling or not helping your team during this event is not allowed. Devil Square is an event where teamwork is essential to win.

  2. Purposely griefing your Devil Square team so that they die or lose is not allowed.


Possible Punishments: Jail, Mute, Temporary Ban, Permanent Ban
  1. As a proper WoE guild, you must have a guild emblem. Do not use inappropriate content or copy another guilds' emblem. Using no emblem at all to gain any sort of advantage will not be tolerated as well.

  2. Do not intentionally obstruct another guild's warp by placing warp portals around the area. Also, blocking castle entrance portals with skills, items, or chat boxes (For example, warp portal, ice wall, and etc) is considered griefing and is punishable.

  3. Trading other players while in a castle, spying on enemy guild chats, dropping items around the Emperium and any other activity that lends itself to confusion of Woe's development, will be considered as a "dirty tactic" and will be punishable.

Offenses against property

Possible Punishments: Jail, Mute, Temporary Ban, Permanent Ban
  1. It is forbidden to ask for the account information of another player.

  2. Do not steal! Whether items or accounts; Theft will be punished regardless of the method used. (Not applicable to cases where items were mistakenly dropped and taken by others).

  3. Do not buy or sell accounts: the accounts are not transferable. For example, many scammers sell accounts to recall them later. And cases of "false inheritance", where a player claims that he's leaving the server and gives the account to another player just to return later to take over the account with all it benefits, so never accept third-party accounts and report it immediately.

  4. The server does not endorse any kind of leech contracts between players and we recommend not doing them. But if after negotiating said leech services one of the parties does not meet their share of the bargain; either not paid for the service or didn't leech as agreed, will be considered a scam and is a foul. (Always take screenshot of everything, including the trade and chat logs).

  5. Any attempt to scam a player or take part in scamming a player by any means will be punished accordingly. This includes lying or deceiving players in order to get items from them or to sell your own items.

  6. Any cases of scam (fraud) are subject to punishment; ie placing prices on items that lend themselves to confusion or appearance tempting to trick an unsuspecting player. As Pass that look similar to Gym Pass or any other item that can be used for these purposes.

  7. Do not use false advertising schemes to sell your items. This includes S> items that you are not actually selling or using multiple characters to boost the price of your items.

  8. Do not impersonate another person for profit or for the sole intention of pretending to be another player. Identity theft is punishable.

Vending Area

Possible Punishments: Disconnection, Jail, Temporary Ban, Permanent Ban, IP Ban
  1. While vending you must not block other player shop, npc, or portal.

  2. No selling via vending or via chat in Prontera.

  3. Vending an item which looks like another item with the intent to scam is not allowed. Refer to rule 9.6

Offenses against Community

Possible Punishments: Jail, Mute, Temporary Ban, Permanent Ban, IP Ban

  1. (Optional / When GM Ask to) Always speak English on Public Chat, when in towns, when using #vending or #main, when using a Megaphone, or during GM hosted events.

  2. Do not use inappropriate or illegible names. All names, including pets, homunculus, guilds, etc. should be appropriate for the game. At most, they should be suitable for a pg13 rating. If you are unsure whether your name is okay or note, better not to use it.

  3. If your name is considered inappropriate, the staff has the right to change your name without warning.

  4. Do not impersonate a GM or CrownRO staff member.

  5. Do not use similar names or claim to be a staff member of Crown RO.

  6. Do not ask CrownRO staff members for items, zeny, warp, or any kind of direct or indirect interaction or information that would give any player an advantage over others.

  7. RMT including Trade, buy, sell items and/or accounts is allowed, however do it on your own RISKS! That kind of activity is not suggested by Crown RO and can also be used as a scam.

  8. Do not misuse any game feature or NPC for purposes other than what they were intended for. (i.e Advertising trading offers through the recruiter/broadcaster NPC)

  9. If you're planning on accusing a Crown RO Staff member of anything, you must have proof. If you do have proof, please report these occurrences privately to the Admin directly on the forums (through a PM). This ensures your privacy when reporting and ensures that the accused staff member cannot alter what you posted.

Offenses against Server

Possible Punishments: Permanent Ban, IP Ban, MAC Address  Ban

  1. Ignorance is not an excuse. As a player of Crown RO, you are expected to read and know the rules. You may ask a staff member to explain a rule if you are unsure or confused about one.

  2. Do not spread false rumors against the server and / or its members.

  3. Do not advertise other Ragnarok servers in any way.

Bugs, exploits and 3rd party programs.

Possible Punishments: Permanent Ban, IP Ban, MAC Address  Ban

  1. Botting, macros, hacking, item duping, and editing the client will not be tolerated.

  2. Do not abuse or exploit any bugs (errors); if you find one you must notify Crown RO staff ASAP.

  3. Do not modify the client in any way that may alter the natural mechanics of the games or gives tactical advantage (highlight status, sprites, trim animation delay, or any benefit that may arise through the client).

  4. 3rd party programs and edited GRFs not approved by the staff will not be allowed. Here are some examples of them:

    • GRF with hide markers

    • GRF with Maya P Filters

    • GRF with visual enchants for the Emperium

    • RCX

    • ROMedic

    • AHK

    • (If you are unsure about your grf edits, please ask the staff to clarify)

  5. If you happen to find another way of cheating, no matter how, it's still forbidden. Just because it's not listed doesn't mean it's allowed.

Other notes

Some punishments may be arbitrary and some cases will be handled only within their own bubble of incidents. Others will take precedence into consideration. As a result, sometimes a user's reputation or prior actions will be taken into account and other times will be disregarded. CrownRO and its staff are not a court of law and what we leverage in punishments or defence of, is what we deem relevant. CrownRO staff have the right to suspend your account in any way we deem necessary while we investigate a cause for concern.

Golden Rules

GM can take immediate action regardless of all the rules above if necessary.